wet clay

wet clay

art is studied wordwide
coined by a movement
then compared to similar works
before death

to my grave i will carry
the first brush of your lips
against mine
nothing have i ever
been as sure of

should ever you wonder upon
your architechtural achievements
it would be my joy to share
the testament of my heart
as it relates to the landscapes
of love your life not only
moulds and shapes

but vindicates
with an eloquence recognized
only through the couture of
our lovemaking

and inspired by the heavens
that your shoulders have been
tasked with upholding

you remain in my heart
a mould, a texture,
a vibrancy of colour
that poetry cannot acclaim
even posthumously

inlaid within my skin
like complex wood
patterned to skyscraper
i will die with your memory
like wet clay before fire

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