Self-pity has an appointed place and time.

Somewhere along the way I suspect this man felt a sense of anger, sorrow, and possibly a host of other emotions, in the realization that his knees needed significant reinforcement for the weight he chose as a challenge to his strength.

The weight we take on never takes us by surprise.  It doesn’t show up in our homes or workplaces unannounced; it evolves and grows based on how much of ourselves we feed to its purpose.

The greater horror is not in injury, but in the insufficiency that leads us to take on more than necessary, while in observation by those who cheer us on in our pain, that success might prove little more than that man can take a hit to the body and still hide the tears of his mental or spiritual anguish.

We cringe because we know it hurts, and because deep down inside, we know what it feels like to fall to our knees, and have it viewed as weakness rather than supplication.

Thought: Our power is not seen in what we can carry, but in how we hold ourselves after recovering from a fall.

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