hiding the look of love

hiding the look of love

he was tall, strong and handsome
she arrived out of nowhere
like the past
looking like a photo purposed
to advertise the beauty of women
from her country

sitting next to him in the office
i couldn’t help but notice
he couldn’t stop staring at her

he used to look at me that way, i thought

suddenly i felt shaky
the kind of shaky you can’t hide
so began fumbling through
my purse pretending to look for something
that wasn’t there
like pride

i could feel him looking at me
so stopped and returned his stare
pride and self-esteem look so similar, i thought
before standing up and leaving

later i e-mailed him and told him to go for it

i could be the face of many things
but not the thing that captivated him
for that brief moment
there was nothing i needed to advertise
for anyone
i didn’t write that

i wrote what i wrote because
the pride not found in my purse
had stolen away to his face and
i didn’t want to see it

it was better if he remembered me
as going off to look for something
then as something going off to be found

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