neural networks

neural networks

Out of the blue I found myself perusing the FBI website and searching through most wanted posters before stopping to spend most of my attention on a man who’d been on there for six years. He was caught two days later.

It had been a few years since I’d gone to the site, and even then, it wasn’t to study the most wanted, so I don’t know what led me to visit. I place these kinds of synchronicities under the hat of coincidence, but over time that hat has failed to hide all my placements.

How did you know? Did you know? Why someone so disconnected from your life?

These are the kinds of questions that roll around after reviewing my search history. The answers don’t matter as much as the unrelenting sense that everyone is invisibly connected in ways we’ll never see or understand, often driving our behavior to search for that connection in the strangest of places.

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