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“We don’t need to settle for ‘Got'”, he said, wanting them to stretch their vocabulary.

“Do you like my shirt? It actually a sad shirt. It’s for a girl with a disease, created to support her battle with cancer. She was a warrior princess,” he said, before segueing into Abraham Lincoln.

The instructor said Lincoln was on his list of top deceased people to speak with, behind his mother and father.

He has a wife, two children, five grand-children, wonderful pets, and a blessed life; so says his what-if’s are minimal and positive, but that if he grew up in Harlem like Langston Hughes, his what if’s would be more negative than positive.

Working in the background of online school is fascinating to observe and learn from along with the children. We learn like Coco the gorilla, but mustn’t accept cultural diversity as explanation for idiomatic salt; rubbing along inconceivable wounds, flavoring mental food, and creating emotional thirst from elemental waters.

We don’t need to settle for another’s beliefs, histories, or stories in order to stand confidently in the simple words of our own. A man need not grown up impoverished to cry, or ponder what-if’s blacker than the depths of his mind’s over-peppered oceans. Likewise, he need not seek to obtain a traditional family in hopes that those what-if’s will be transformed to sunshine. Man is both element and elemental – his life unconvincingly periodic.

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