music poetry WRITING



He carries on his shoulders
A child
That appears as quartz unearthed
From a rose garden

When I see him I smile
He reminds me of a father
The child
A flower encased in harmony

Their poetry instinctively
Separates the vague
Manipulations of love
From their predefined victories

Although his shoulders appear
Weighed down
I know the truth

They hold one another tall
Without leaning on statues of obligation or
Temporary seasons of misplaced discontent

They teach me something

The flow of purpose and
Its social change-abilities embattled
By intensely scattered and crackling

Nourished by leftover
Winds of synthesized symmetry
Between youth and wisdom

A ten second observation
From my sojourn in the sand
Resurrected a succession of
Daydreamed memories
Between a parent and child

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