Mr. & Mrs. B. + Three

Mr. & Mrs. B. + Three

Mrs. Benson was five-feet tall and chubby with soft brown eyes and ringlets of black curls that went from the top of her head down to her hips.   She was a new mother of triplets, but it was July, and she hated to get out of bed during the summer.  Thank goodness for Mr. Benson, because he woke with the roosters the whole year through, and when the roosters went silent cause they’d been eaten for dinner, he woke just as early without them.

Mr. Benson was six-feet tall and slim with hard green eyes and just a hint of hair atop his head.  It was Friday – his day to hand wash the cloth diapers from the week and attempt for the hundredth time, to feed his three baby boys from a bottle in order to give Mom’s nipples a break.  He thanked God every day for creating him without the ability to lactate, among other natural horrors assigned to females. 

Just as he finished praying Mrs. Benson called him from upstairs.  She wanted him to bring her a heating pad, toothpaste, bacon, and scrambled eggs.  He smiled.  If not for her, he’d never have learned how to multi-task.

– – – – Benson morning

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