without moon

without moon

Memories felt like a surplus of misfit attire that
Could be worn and removed by thought alone
How many times we changed depended on how
Much wear withstood our underlying skin

We were adults before becoming teenagers returned us to center
A light stage between being an infant and toddler
Where exits led to minds
Crowded with narratives from immature audiences

We sat in the dark with our masks on
Without the accommodation of laughter
Friendship was a stage admired but rarely visited
So jarring was it to observe while

Instinctively predicting a solitary future

We looked to the sky, but she too was hiding
Behind smoke and the blind discernment of
Our presence

For a moment they feared never again feeling a real hug
While hugging themselves and waving goodbye

It was an innocuous visit that became a surfboard
Ride to intermittent emotions
Layered with shrinking outfits of irradiation

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