He is/was here or maybe I’m closer than initially believed.

They were/are a whirlwind reminiscent of proximity; these energies – so strong
Should’s, Would’s and Could’s all come into question
We come from the school of, “I’m great” in response to all questions
Except for those times when we use a word, just one, to let on otherwise
The ones that care will figure it out and love us, and the ones who won’t probably never did
Today a man wrote about being tongued tied while giving a speech on Zoom as part of his MBA program
“It” humbled him, but to be honest, “It” doesn’t mean the same thing to everyone, and I don’t know what “It” meant for him
This is going to my deathbed should I be so lucky. Isn’t it?” I asked myself while crying in the shower.
That’s my “It”
A realization of something at a macro level that you’d been chewing on in micro land for decades
Most if not all of the people that man was tongue-tied in front of will not remember him at Christmas, or any season after class has concluded.
“It’s” the discrepancy between what we want to believe about ourselves and what we want others to believe about us that tests the resiliency of enduring pride.
There’s no wisdom in compliment nor folly in derogation.
Humility is the speechlessness of deception, either within the self, or in acceptance of the opinion of others.
Confidence is what leads the voice or the mic to drop. Course sometimes it’s just the exhaustion of living in a variance cloud.

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