Where you spend your money reveals the placement of your heart; who and what you spend it on reveals the reach of your love.

Leigh M. Leitner

In some ways I feel grateful to have gained intimate knowledge of how people spend it, and in others, I just try to learn from their perceived successes and failures. Every once in a while I witness something so beautiful as to be commonplace to some and exceptionally foreign to others, like myself.

A man and wife financially struggling were near to losing their home. This is the story of millions I know, but the man is a physician, which carries its own stigmas revolving around money and success. They’d made bad investments over the years, and after a certain age, recovering from bad investments is like attempting to grow wings on your death bed. Even if it happens, you won’t be using them to fly anywhere.

It’s less than a short story with a long history I didn’t dare ask about. Four brothers took it upon themselves to purchase a new and forever home for their sister and brother-in law, but they purchased it outright, so that worrying about a mortgage payment and a roof over their heads would no longer be a concern of daily life.

Over the years they’d all endured individual cancers and the deaths of multiple family members in a short period of time, so I can’t help but think that had something to do with it, perhaps a lot. What struck me wasn’t the gift of the home, but the display of their love. They took initiative to act on it as a team and with a sense of humility and responsibility that is unfamiliar to me.

So used to seeing friends turn away from friends, or family turn away from family, that to observe something so directly opposed inspired me, and in ways yet to be known. It also reminded me about the importance of seeking the other side of experience, that unbelief might be overturned.

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