“Winning at all costs requires spending more than from wallets filled with patience and love…”

Leigh M. Leitner

It sounded canned but was published anyway, reminding me of corporate speeches I’d listened to about personal development from young adults still under construction. They had little to offer those confronting bulldozers or rebuilding after fires. “Chin up” doesn’t go far when your hair falls out after cancer treatments and “Keep a stiff upper lip” is a joke to those whose teeth have decayed from drug abuse.

Why did I tackle the idea of winning if within I felt behind, especially when I couldn’t be sure if I felt ‘behind’ someone else or myself? Probably because I’m my own quarterback, and isn’t that the point? To test the plays over and over again to see which remain standing after each attack? No one can win without spending their purpose, and no one can be effective if stumbling over every opinionated sting between now and goal.

If you’re borrowing from the credit cards of someone else’s playbook, then stop, because it’s your energy that gets underscored and theirs that gets the payoff.

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