Union At The Union (?)

Union At The Union (?)

I’d fallen into a sudden trance in the way the banker cleaned the keypad after I typed in a password. It was a new bank, I was a new member, and though none of them knew me, we’d come together at a place also known as a union.

I’m private, painfully private, so as I sat in the middle of four older women to provide my home address and social, I was on edge wondering how many digits these nearly elderly human brains could retain. There was glass between us and her, and it was palpable, how much none of us wanted to be there.

Out of nowhere the banker said she needed to run my credit, and I just looked back at her stoically, pretty sure she wasn’t asking permission. I nodded, and for the next five minutes no one said a word. Finally she stopped typing. The system would not accept my address, so I had to give her the ‘real’ one. These folks had no idea how much I loathed living on the grid. She put in a new address and after a few more minutes of typing smiled and told me to pick a pin number and type it into the keypad. They all watched as I decided it would need to be changed the following day. I was being paranoid of course, but that didn’t mean I still wouldn’t change it.

Being a trustee of anything is bound to knock a few hours a year from your schedule, but if you do it with a sense of purpose, it can also bring a sense of gratitude unmatched by any soft pillow.

The way she sprayed the keypad and cleaned it down struck me as odd. Maybe it was the chemical she used, its scent, the washcloth, or the fact that it ‘felt’ like germs were being transferred from one part of her desk to another. I got sick a few days later, and prior to that day hadn’t been sick in over a year. Maybe it was coincidence, and maybe I’m being paranoid, but part of me has always believed that the purpose of unions are to expose ourselves.

Once I felt better, I chalked it up to the idea that trust is an exercise of risks and rewards. It’s a bit much to assign so much thought to I know, but that’s okay, it’s just me, just for today.

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