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“Never confuse movement with action.” ― Ernest Hemingway

I accepted a random Zoom invite that popped up in my Inbox even though my face was raw, which I typically avoid in an effort to appear older. The boss assumed that because I’d updated a project that I was feverishly busy at work. Some days that’s true, but that day, and maybe most, it isn’t.

The team member he introduced me to replied with, “I’ve heard nothing but great things about the work you’re doing!”

His cheerful disposition was contagious and his smile was the brightest I’d seen in a long time. He reminded me of someone but I couldn’t put my finger on who, so I thanked him and without any effort smiled in return. He was a developer and had been tasked to work on something I’d suggested and offered to do myself.

At first, I was really surprised how quickly the recommendation went from a suggestion to something that had been immediately put into action. So there it was, a program that had been built in hours to simplify everyone’s job. I didn’t immediately know how I felt, but I’ve worked with a lot of people and these were deviations, folks that took definitive action and moved it forward without screwing around. I almost wanted to cry, not because of the details of this particular instance, but because I felt in my heart that his company was going to kick ass, and that for however long I’d be on the team, I’d be part of the ass kicking.

I didn’t say any of that, nor did my demeanor reveal any of what I was thinking, but I was happy for them, and excited for whatever I’d be exposed to learning in the process. It was also an exercise in delegation, which is arguably one of my top five greatest weaknesses, but because of the way it was approached, it impacted me more than in the past, and something clicked.

I don’t know what to call the experience in its entirety – it felt humbling but good at the same time. I was grateful to have positive and progressive energy surround me, even if temporarily. I was grateful to be reminded of the importance of taking action on the many words I paint and too often let dry without sharing. I didn’t know I needed it, but I was grateful to be heard and believed in, really grateful.

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