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a child, tragedy, flowers, disillusionment, and escape are the undertones of every interaction. perhaps also you know the ending – everyone dies, but it’s not a spoiler so much as conviction to discontinue breathing.

before it ends some of the poison will spill into you, enough that the narrative becomes spoiled by a lack of spontaneity, and superstition becomes the sharpener on that witch of a pencil. ghosts of pretension will cast episodes so originally diffused that their plots will be lined with character traits that only a junkie will find satisfaction in sniffing, but even then, only briefly will be the high.

the writer isn’t an artist until splitting into a million shards of what the reader believes is a recurring theme. the writer isn’t a muse until becoming unrecognizable to even himself
, and reading is meaningless until ‘once upon a time’ feels foreign.

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