A meeting had been scheduled but she’d only met me on Zoom, so when I showed up she didn’t recognize me. She was ironical for several reasons I’m not privileged to disclose, but what struck me was how she ignored our agenda and began talking to me about the problems she had with her son as if we were buddies.  Perhaps what was more ironic was that I felt a need to take her son’s side, and provide reasons that might explain away his behavior.  But she was having none of that, so I decided to shut my mouth and just listen. 

Why am I sharing this?

Cause the whole treating people like family thing isn’t so common round my parts and I felt a pang inside, like I was missing a place or a someone I’ve never been to or with.  It was beautiful, her being real, and not masking herself based on where we were or who we were ‘supposed’ to be. She was like a child. That’s it, that’s why I’m sharing it. 

Adults comfortable enough to do away with all the layering that painful experiences can clothe us in aren’t so common these days, so when I come across ‘em, I just wanna give ‘em a big ‘ole hug, cause they make me smile inside, and give me some kind of hope and inspiration for wearing my own nakedness.

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