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Mom doesn’t beat around the bush with strangers, so when I go out with her in public I almost expect to be part of some cringe-worthy moment.  At her doctor’s visit she didn’t disappoint.

When the consult was over she told the doctor he looked like Doogie Howser and asked how old he was.  I’d already taken a stab at his age, among other things as I sat in observation corner for fifteen minutes so knew things I wouldn’t be able to articulate in words.

He was offended of course, not so much by the question, but by the inflection she used, that and the fact that he likely gets asked that question a lot, even though half of his face is covered.  Instead he told her when and where he’d gone to school, taken his internships and graduated.

She replied to explain that he still hadn’t told her his age. He never did tell her, instead laughing it off and telling her he’d see her again soon before walking out of the room.  When he left she explained how it inspired her how some people know what they want to do as soon as they come out of the womb, and then proceed to take action to accomplish it. But she didn’t see what I saw in his eyes and I didn’t share it.

It’s like anything. When you invest a great deal of your life to something, most folks will have trouble pivoting, and it will have little to do with whether they’ve spent that time invested in their dreams. 

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