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“I am basically an eternal existence momentarily and perhaps needlessly terrified by one half of itself.” ~ Alan Watts

she sat lotus atop the slightly moist earth. she’d filled three glasses with water and placed them next to her, a photo beside each.

she picked up the first glass and staring at the photo said out loud,
“i believed for many years that all that i did and that all of my love was not enough. i drowned in ‘not enough’ and self-pity overtook my life. thank you for providing the lessons required for me to let go of a false sense of self”

she picked up the second glass and staring at the photo said out loud,
“you were a lesson i didn’t see coming, a heart-reckoning a heart-wreck; you showed me how scared i was to love someone again and taught me that fear and love do not coexist. thank you for your presence that asked me to let go of fear and reminded me of my power to choose between the two”

she picked up the third glass and staring at the photo said out loud,
“your necklace sat in my jewelry box for years until recently and when i took it out found it had not tarnished. thank you for helping me let go of my perceived stains by remaining gold and teaching me that true purity does not tarnish”

after she put down the last glass she stared at a nearby lotus for several minutes in pranayama before closing her eyes to meditate.

opening them she picked up each glass one at a time and slowly poured the water back into the earth near her. picking up the photos she walked several miles through the forest to the ocean’s edge.

sitting vajrasana she said a prayer for love, peace and freedom. as the tide came in she gently placed the photos atop the receding water and stood.

looking up at the setting sun she put her hands up to shield her eyes then put them down, staring directly into the light. she had let go and was one the universe.

Shadow Reckoning
That moment we stare into the most ordinary star in order to see our shadow is the moment we realize how marvelous and impossibly immeasurable our hearts.

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