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Make Gray(ny) Red


She looked at me and said, “It’s great to see you are feeling better.”

I thanked her and smiled back. It was a knee jerk reaction. I wondered to myself just how bad not feeling better looked.

Then I said something unlike myself but true, “I’m not really feeling better. There is a sorrow on my heart that hasn’t yet fully disengaged. I believe that if I carry forward and do something or find something to elicit a smile from someone else or myself before the day is over, then that energy will eventually serve to completely glue together broken hearts.  Making and finding pleasure in presence is still the focus.”

She said, “I know this has been hard and you may not see it but things are clearing the way for you.”

I hugged her. She doesn’t know me really. She knows I’m a divorced mom and that thanks to my non-filtered son.  I know she’s been married for forty years and has three adult children that live in different states. That’s really about all we know of one another yet she chose to approach me with words of encouragement.

That seems to be the energy I am attracting these days. Encouragers. It’s apparently what I need.

Maybe the greatest lesson this past year has been the need to be vulnerable and open enough to receive encouragement and to be honest enough to admit that I came down from my mountain because it was time, not because I came upon an inscribed tablet to share with the masses. The path is still grainy and some days it is with paper, pencil and eraser that I lead.

Encouragement has power to gather the scattered pixels of doubt we all sometimes find clouding our way.  It works to support purposed steps directed to a high-definition destiny meant for each of us.

When you come upon one shuffling about in low light, tears or blindness, let your kindness serve as a reminder that all is well and all shall be well.

With a word of affirmation, inspiration or motivation, paint with red someone’s gray.

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