This sense of accomplishment is being recorded, because of its fleeting nature, because I’ll forget, because there won’t be anyone around to remind me how it feels since it hasn’t been shared.

There’s a discouraging voice in everyone’s mind, louder in some more than others, that confronts goals, dreams and wishes with drivel like

“Who do you think you are? You can’t do this. You’re not ____ enough.”

If you’re like me, then there’s also an encouraging voice that says, “Eh, fuck you, I can do whatever I set my mind to.”

The thing is, I’m still talking to myself.

The bigger challenge is convincing the discouraging thoughts to take the side of positivity most days. Not all. That wouldn’t be realistic.

The challenge I took on was bigger than expected, which I should have since that’s almost always the case.  Idealism kicks me in the ass sometimes, but it’s a worthy beating, one I’m happy to take on again and again.  

If life is gonna take its punches, what better to practice with than the strength of our convictions?

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