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psychologically safe

psychologically safe

The Chameleon
by Ellen Dove Fiedler

Sometimes you see me; then you don’t.
I know the tricks for blending in.
My color’s bright,
A glowing hue,
Changing with  your point of view.

My awareness, truly keen,
Makes me be sure
I’m seldom seen
Unless, unless it’s safe for me–
Safe to be all I can be.

In surroundings where no threat
Causes me to fade and hide,
Filled with doubts
And deep despair,
Not quite belonging, anywhere.

If you will see me as I am
Then I can let you come inside,
Into a place
Where you can find
The treasures of my hidden mind.

I’ll share my secret world with you,
Tell you my dreams,
My thoughts, my plans,
And then, at last,
Perhaps I can
Know who it is I really am.

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