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catalytic conversions


communicating with more people in one day than in the last six months combined leaves me partially drained and partially excited. parts of myself picked up again, something new to be made of the puzzle pieces, or maybe something old with a restoration of clarity. i’m too old to be scared, and too young to be unrestrained, or maybe it’s the other way around. on one hand, i wonder if i can do this, and on the other, i already am.

after exiting my car
a woman on the curb
waved hello with a
vigorous smile and
contagious laugh

she was homeless
and enjoying what
appeared to be a
hot bowl of soup
from a paper cup

she told me to have
a nice day and i
stopped to
wonder what
a nice day meant
to her

while admiring
the gift of her
nurturing presence
i’d forgotten how
centering a genuine
smile can be

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