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and the gods laughed

and the gods laughed

at least that’s what i imagined when i saw his name and title in my calendared meetings yesterday and today.

it reminded me of a joke he made to the team in his first presentation, about the ordinariness of his name.

something inside me moved, but it wasn’t an emotion i’d assign words to in that moment.

“could it be him?” i wondered.

so many things i wondered before proceeding into a google search for a photo that would provide an answer. too impatient was i to wait for his voice. but not really. if I’m honest, i always hear his voice.

i stopped to gaze at a kid pictured on a farm before reading his bio but it wasn’t him, and i was too busy imagining the gods doubled over in uproarious laughter to be disappointed. but not really. if i’m honest, i was still hoping to see his face.

as life would have it, he turned out to be everything except ordinary, and after those calls i finally had to laugh too, knowing that’s how it will always be.

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