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when faces are blurred

when faces are blurred

when faces are blurred
then action too
is held by demur

enemy abstracts
rewrote my letters
erasing inevitable

they held a
prison niche
or maybe
nietzsche prisoner

‘god is dead’
until he begged
for life

or release from
of lying at the
temple gates
in famine

in a dream i sent him a photo and it was returned to me unread. the photo was blurred so i painted something in its place and sent it once more and once more it was returned to me unread, still blurred. it was a tell, not an ask. so i went to temple at sunset to pray, but i’m not orthodox or jewish so they didn’t let me in. instead i sat alone on ‘their’ steps and begged for my heart to be sewn shut, because it represented my mouth, which swallowed everything and still wanted more.

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