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you’ve heard the saying that everyone is going through something, right?

so yesterday i read an article about a man who’d unknowingly joined a sex cult, and though fascinating, what stuck with me was a comment about the authors intentional choice not to make reference to the cult he’d joined.

your guess is as good as mine as to what let me to the article in the first place, but funny enough, my conversation with a social studies teacher today helped bring it all home.

his curriculum for the week revolves around red ribbon, and the fight against drugs and alcohol. he was telling me about how the class tended to get shy around those subjects, and how he wanted to change it, cause he said the biggest cause of drugs and alcoholism was detachment and a need to heal something inside. his way of helping kids speak up was to tell them he didn’t know if his wife was okay, or healed, from the loss of their son.

it was a pretty brave and raw move, and it brought to mind a conversation i’d had with someone on zoom the night before, nerve-wracking mind you cause they’re experts in reading faces and emotions, but anyway, they’ve been stuck where they are for the last nine months, but i believed them when they expressed finding the beauty, and stressing how it was so important that they’d made strong connections.

so yeah. that’s the story. and you’re probably wondering what it all means. or not.

what i’m saying is that i kind of agree with everyone a little bit. the things they did before, during, and after, even the commenters. it’s really everyone’s intent to stay connected, just not everyone calls it the same thing.

lord knows i hadn’t planned on adding all those things together in the same bowl, it just clicked.

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