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beyond the dull

beyond the dull

“nothing about what we do stands out,” i replied to his brainstorming prompts. i’d said it without thinking. it must have been one of those things on the tip of my mind.

“why do you want to stand out?” he asked.

i stopped typing to stare at the voice coming out of phone. the question hadn’t occurred to me and i couldn’t think of anyone that would have felt bold enough to ask.

i didn’t answer because i didn’t have one. after the pause he continued,

“the way i see it, if you do a good job, people will find you without ever advertising. isn’t that how you work?” he asked.

sighing quietly i nodded before speaking in agreement. he was right, more than he knew. he questioned a belief i’d had about myself that revealed a deceptive perception of limitation. it revealed so many other things i’d had wrong thought about that it was too much to address in one day, maybe in one lifetime. when i watch this video, i think about his question, how nothing in nature stands out more glorious than the thing next to it, and how we as individuals seek out the parts that resonate still finding beauty in just about everything along the way.

hope this makes sense cause i’m really tired, so tired that blessings and burdens feel mighty similar, but i think that’s why it’s important to be grateful for both.

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