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give a hoping hand

give a hoping hand

the new girl on the block
easily disarms the old bully
on the chop

i spoke up with a solution not cause i’d thought it out to the end, but cause he needed to be stopped, and cause it would undoubtedly make a handful of them flinch. i’d heard enough to feel that’s what they needed, someone to talk back to the fella with a voice bigger than his balls.

at the end of each meeting, they provide a rating from 1 – 10, ten being best, but they didn’t define the numbers for me, so while everyone gave a nine or ten, i gave a six, and two things struck me as odd. one, no one asked why, and two, no one acknowledged that their boss had been bullied and was holding back tears. in the next meeting i’ll given them a one and explain why without prompting. since it can’t cause any more pain than has already been accepted without question, the hope is change, and any change big or small, changes hope.

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