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"If it’s your job to protect another person, and that overwhelms you with anxiety sometimes, remember that the most important job a cocoon has, is to break open and let the being inside it go free. And if you’re a cocoon for yourself: Remember that the caterpillar has to dissolve itself into mush to become a beautiful, rule-breaking moth. So if you're a sobbing mess wrapped up in your bed right now: Keep going, you're gonna turn out amazing." ~ Jon Gromm

“We love with such abandon
those in motion and those
at rest,” Julia tells John at
the kitchen table, “each of
us is a blessing preparing
itself to happen, a fusion of
interconnected gifts, a
Mount Rushmore of
enshrined passion, an
intelligence unappraised,
a process, a depth, the
deliberate awareness of
attachment, a quest, a
plateau, a dimension,
all continuing within
cocoons of disintegrating
irrationality, the nature
of our suffering being
as uniquely beautiful in
the beginning as collectively

experienced in the end.”

beneath the pillows of those who feel an abandonment of love is an abandonment of them, there is a voice that whispers truth.

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