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give away

give away

next thing i knew, my lips blended into the trees and everywhere he went i followed, then stayed. with a kiss.


there’s this girl who had cancer and wished to visit an elephant she’d adopted from another country. the folks who’d planned her trip cried with emotion when all systems were finally a go, and you’d think it was because her wish was being granted, but that could only compensate for a small percentage of their tears. the larger part of those tears came from the idea of the wish, and the humbling felt in observation of her choice to transform her pain through the giving to life outside of herself.

someone once wrote something about wishing to show me something, yet also wishing for me to find it even if they couldn’t. well i never forgot that, cause i never forgot how it made me feel – sorta like we were battling some kinda cancer and had adopted each other instead of the diagnosis. that girl though. she met that elephant and scared her cancer into remission.

so the moral of the story is: it’s gonna feel good, then it’s gonna hurt, then it’s gonna hurt some more, then it’s gonna feel good, cause if you give your love away to life, life will give its love away to you. forever.

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