falling in love is an experience-driven incentive to quote undying epitaphs in marketable ways. it’s a date night of shared and unshared interests sometimes intended to determine whether date days have a chance, and whether pursing patterns and routines with assumed human is replenishment or drain to ones existence.

falling is the easy part. but standing with and without the standard accoutrements of ground support, remaining in love is the hard part, the test proctored by false sense of scarcity and its partner inertia.

never sure if i’m expressing too little, too much, or maybe nothing at all. parts of psyche and spirituality require customized attention, and when we recognize the investment and care taken to focus our attention on love, we can be sure it’s the right path, no matter where it leads. and also, i broke my back a little bit once, which is slight exaggeration, but when it happened i bought a hammock and brought it indoors. it was the first time i’d felt weightless within the confines of four walls, but it also led me to the idea that home should be weightless and rest shouldn’t require pain as prerequisite.

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