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spiritual braille

spiritual braille

a sled ride met upon nightfall and at the end of the tall mountain he put out his heart and caught me.

all this time i’d spent believing we were supposed to climb some imaginary mountain but everything that’s transpired over the last several weeks has led me to the idea that we were already at the top. i’m beginning to think that all this shucking and jiving i’ve been doing is a symptom of struggling to breathe in higher altitudes.

i could be wrong but regardless he embraced me, and not because i’d fallen but because he’d learned how to breathe at home base and wanted to share his breath with me. i didn’t know what i could offer in return so gave him my eyes. it was all i could think of to thank him for writing in ways i needed to feel in order to understand.

before i gave them away, i pointed them at nature before locking in on him. if he can feel what he’s given me to see, then love is all he’ll feel compelled to breathe.

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