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preparing for what you want

preparing for what you want

esther hicks seems always to pop up in my youtube playlist, but i only press play about once a month, and when i’m at the nail salon. i’ve yet to form an opinion on her writings and teachings, i only know that what she says often resonates as truth, though apparently not enough for me to dive in head first.

the last video i heard was below, and if i could stand before anyone and describe what true love is, i’d be compelled to follow her flow beginning at 13:40. she may have left out the sense of feeling like a kid, so that might be all i’d add. not too many people can lead me to feel like a kid; one is an old stodgy uncle who has a mentally mummified image of me at three years old, and the other i’ve mummified as that once in a lifetime person whose value i’ve coveted in the unwrapping.

basically, preparing for what we want requires identifying and acknowledging what we already have. sometimes the love within can only be unwrapped a little at a time before feeling sheltered in protection and safe enough to welcome arms to such preciously preserved space.

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