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every ‘we’

every 'we'

death. i’m slightly obsessed, but on the upside, it also means i’m slightly obsessed with life.

this is about a song, a dj, an artist, a life, and a death. avicii. surely you’ve heard of him or his songs. waiting for love is the one i’m most familiar with.

but no one really waits for love even if it feels like that. it’s connection people long for and confuse with love. sometimes not always.

i know nothing about this kid, his life or his death. but i do know that songs are short-stories set to emotion, and that what is evoked in the listening is the fragrance of an intimacy that moves rudderless through the virginity of shadowy fascination. i didn’t learn until this evening that he took his life but i learned it nevertheless and take heart to the idea that there are no accidents, and that suicide as an energy is near in proximity to my spirit.

this isn’t to suggest i’m suicidal because i’m not. it is to suggest that i’m covered in the sense that someone near me is. this feeling reminds me i’ve no control over others and that a search does not guarantee victory in a find. i do however have control over my voice.

so, avicci. waiting for love. here’s the song. my favorite line is, “no. we can’t be defeated.”

every ‘we’ is positioned to defeat the pain and every ‘wait’ can be positioned to surrender love in companionship of need.

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