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choice sails

choice sails

it extends past romance, the sense of responsibility you’ll feel toward those you love. if it doesn’t, then it’s fair to question the meaning of love. it isn’t meant to suggest you’re responsible for the person per se; it’s intended as a statement of care, compassion, and support.

quite often those things look different than they sound, but only you know what songs resonate with truth. so play them without the guilt of second-hand listeners who feed off the perception of distantly echoed compositions.

it feels like sorrow – witnessing someone attempt to sail a lake without a boat; but it feels like tragedy when that same someone doesn’t realize they are the boat. not even conviction can convince someone to stop waiting for transportation that arrived at birth. mama calls me a solo act but folks don’t audition for parts they’re born into, so not wanting attention but getting it anyway presents a choice to lead or be led, and in both cases the admission of feeling alone gets dropped in the lake along with a line that admits hunger.


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