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but no ?

but no ?


agreement. acceptance. acknowledgement.
she comes wrapped with a triple ace, this ‘Yes‘ entity

[soc] did you ever have three or four vie for your attention at the same time and then find the choice impossible to make? that’s not really a thing – we make up our minds before ‘choices’ are ever presented and have options that bear no meaning to needs or wants. what if work becomes your lover, not because you don’t want one but because tangible satisfaction in the form of a paycheck beats the intangible disappointment felt in not maintaining a healthy relationship with someone else or yourself. when it comes to people, i’ve not been presented with such a dilemma. no, i’ve only had such choices presented in work and so far i almost always say yes – not because i sense how it will turn out but because i know it will turn out for my good. the question of pain doesn’t arise until it’s felt. its only answer is peace and death with penetrating iterations of self-medication in between.

i’ve seen so many episodes of forensic files that i’ve come to believe that saying no doesn’t change outcomes. but this is where i’m unsure because everyone that once said yes to me eventually said no.

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