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in the middle of the day i feel to have read one too many stories. it was for work, but hit a spot i didn’t know was tender until my eyes welled up. sometimes i forget how successfully we intentionally and unintentionally breathe ruin into others lives and that when our financial stability is shaken our outlook on life tends to follow.

it’s real hard to tell someone it’s gonna be okay when they’re fighting in court for everything they’ve earned, including their reputation. it’s an outright lie to tell them the pain and destruction is only gonna last for a short while when their baby that only just started talking gets thrown into the judicial system as a pawn. it’s hard to believe how deeply we can love someone and want to spend eternity with them in year one but in year ten plan their murder to cash out a secret life insurance policy or live the perception of a truer life. freedom has no winners when it becomes an idealistic rope strangling the necks of war.

justice is executed outside of stone’s wisdom, who is unmoved from acts within and reads the verdict not aloud but silently, that compassion might see and find strength enough to turn the page for those stunned at the words.

i’m forever grateful for the opportunities poured onto me but sometimes mourn at how much emotion gets co-mingled into work and how much work is required to be less emotional.

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