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warm regions

warm regions

it was beautiful to witness the girls reaction to nature but more specifically that moment when youth and nature so intertwined remain oblivious to the success of separation.

gaze long enough and you’ll be reminded of the first time you got in trouble for playing outside in the rain and not understanding how dirt could cause such anger to adults when after all, it was part of our makeup.

the two of us could see something climbing up the kitchen wall behind her so the one young girl asked the other what it was and after glancing behind her she turned back to us unfazed to explain it was a gecko and that they, frogs, winged insects and others had made her home theirs too.

i hesitate to call it envy but as i listened and witnessed the exchange that word seems closest to what i felt while underlined with gratitude for being allowed to watch something so natural become part of our discussion as if it weren’t.

these are what i call “shot in the arm” moments, times when you meet upon people that in seconds place something unnameable inside of you. i think of it as a shot because even without a name our skin reacts in recognition of purity undisturbed. it’s easy to believe it’s not in our surroundings but it’s wherever we go cause it’s inside of us.

the stranger they get the more that peace seems eager to answer these timeless zone calls. it was little more than entry into a space of mundane reality, but it’s walking into those spaces that can help bring us back to ourselves.

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