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come back? part II

come back? part ii

writing helps to clear out the cobwebs and confirm the height and depth of walls.

walls are down
though anxiety
mirrors barriers

through the roof

every second
spent visiting
detracts from
current day

everyone that
distanced has

in some form
or another

when walls fall
perception of their
leaving disappears

so after years of these tears
i’ve relinquished these
tests of heart

and in the
end will say no

to the temporal
position of straw

i’d much rather be
gulped than sipped
tasted in concentration
than watered down
in consolation

my heart can’t handle
a call to someone’s
who’ll hang up to
silence my answers

real and false impressions
aren’t matters of
the heart
so if i’m honest
it’s only hearts
that need support

not talking heads

because between mine
and theirs
glass will break
and efforts
will hold no water

man cannot hope to find success if retreating to the comfort of past failure and i feel that when they look at me and my work, it will be an impossible feat to separate the beauty of front-facing possibility from the tragedy of backward pedaling, and if i’m in part responsible for painting this life, i’d prefer to paint closer to geysers of love, knowing the steam i’m responsible for is cultivating more of the same.

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