this year has been the easiest not to fight.

it has been the most truthful worldwide, not because of all we see in the news but because it exemplifies much of all that existed prior.
health is a fallacy born of the idea that illness can be altogether avoided and while we have control of the spoon we are not always in charge of the fields, the educational systems that define nature or the eyeglasses manufactured to direct our vision past our own well-knowing facilities.

this year christmas comes without pressure to give or hope to receive.

the dark comes early just to prepare us for a swiftly moving light, that we might be encouraged to step outside without fear of our lingering shadows. every day becomes more sacred, more possessed by the ingenuity of the soul’s ability to prosper forward to love through the scene and un-scene. you must be diligent in telling the people you love not to give up again and again, not because they don’t know the mantra, but because letting another human being know you believe in them is a powerful motivator.

persist tirelessly in all matters of love, giving no space for matters not of love to intercede. know that such efforts by law produce good fruit and that on the day of our homecoming, life will have been proven sweeter through our arrival.

from my open heart to yours.

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