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without tense

without tense

Sixteen hour days can’t produce excellent results. Consistently.  So if you’re working long days, you’ll eventually be faced with a trifecta of questions, most revolving around the mental, spiritual and physical aspects of living. 

If I had my druthers I’d choose these kids because even though they come replete with historical quotes and maxim’s, their current belief systems ultimately revolve around the simple need for us to love ourselves.  It’s so easy to gloss over that aspect when another catches your fancy but eventually it’s something everyone has to reconcile with; the fact that we are and know the answers.  That we can trust the decisions we did and didn’t make, and that although the results are always unbeknownst to us, they are always in our favor.

I’d choose these kids because like many of us they want their lives and environments to reflect who they are and have yet to be pummeled enough by life to stop taking risks to pursue and reflect their perception of the ideal.  I’d choose ‘em because part of me used to believe what they can accomplish is real, and perhaps it is but if so, I won’t likely be witness to it in my lifetime.  If legacy needs energy, I’d place mine in the hands of those in my bubble and in theirs. 

All this talk of choices is silly.  Choices and solutions are creations of the mind. Without either it’s clear my energy is already with those kids and everyone else in the bubble.

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