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I’m attracted to the softest parts of a person, the parts they feel vulnerable enough to share. More precisely, I’m enamored by the space created for another to find safety in that vulnerability.

Being alone like anything else has its pros and cons.

On some days it’s normal and on others crushing and unbearable. As of late I haven’t wanted to write. When asking myself what I could share that speaks to love I came up blank. I miss the authenticity of intimacy but then again may have primed myself to avoid it. I’m no longer sure.

Writing about love is manifestation, a manifesto of intention. Love transmutes those unbearable moments when working with the idea that we’re whole and don’t need anything or anyone outside of ourselves to be okay. I don’t think this work is ever done for anyone.

I still struggle with being alone or perhaps the idea that with or without intimacy I am still the same person. For any idea that creates internal challenge the task becomes overcoming that challenge using that same creative energy.

So I’ve been spending a lot of time embracing new connections without expectation and with a knowing that breath connects us all. Therefore, the newest challenge is (re)learning how to breathe.

I’m a lucky woman, to be able to count on all hands – those I love.

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