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2021-01-14, on the go

2021-01-14, on the go

it’s my way of chipping away at the layers that keep us hidden from one another
– eventually i’ll get personal – in a real purposeful and uncomfortable way.
slowly i brought the heart into a platonic business discussion, not because i was aiming to talk about love but because ultimately love is the only aim

when they go silent i never know how or whether their opinion of me has changed but i’ve stopped caring about the fear words sometimes bring to surface
– we can’t learn one another’s stories in one or two sittings, but over time and through observation we figure out what’s real and what’s false

no matter how much we seem to be on the go, the goal is that love remains palpable in the places traveled to and fro, but especially to places where no travel is required at all. within.

if we allow love to be the solution to every difficulty, life will have no choice but to reveal a motion picture of excellence.

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