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Somebody Like You

Somebody Like You

mom likes writing – always has. on occasion a fleeting softness emerges and she’ll share something with me, something kind that still i have trouble believing is real. fleeting love confuses me, but nevertheless – i take her as she is and smile at this poem she wrote in my honor. if only she knew i already have and that for now, i feel lucky to hold and be held in that space.

Somebody Like You

When I was pregnant with you,
those were some of the happiest days of my life
Some days bad, some days good,
We always did what we could
You came into this world “feet first,”
Oh my God, you were a “breech birth!”
All grown up now,
With kids of your own,
Praying, parenting, loving, learning, working
And just being, “Amazing”
You’re beautiful & wise beyond your years
When I think about how supportive you’ve been
to me,
It brings me to tears
You deserve “God’s Best” for all you do
So my prayer for you in this life is
Lord, grant my daughter to fall in love with
“Somebody Like You”….


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