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2021-01-21, family

2021-01-21, family

how do you define family?

at twelve, when jesus told joseph that his service extended beyond the limitations of his blood-line, he was making a philosophical statement not initially understood.

what if i told you that just being in your presence transformed me?
what if i told you that your past impact to my spirit still resonates with my present?
what if i told you that my mission in life is to embody and express to full capacity the love that we are and that although i can’t be positive i feel sure that our mission is aligned?

does this not make us family?
does this not echo through your bones as authentic because it’s chosen and not forced?

what if i told you that wherever you are and whatever the state of your heart – i love you and will always hold space for you?
what if told you that when we die, one of us will no doubt carry the spirit of the other until the time comes to be reunited?
what if i told you that as we live, i feel you daily on my skin and that i find it as comforting as the oxygen that sustains our lives, not because it’s required for us to breathe but because love like air doesn’t seek autonomy – it seeks connection.

does not this love make us family?

i like to think it does and that thought always leads me to smile.

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