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the time

the time

— introduced to one brother, the attorney
while offering to let me eat from the hands of the other, a chef

— trust in this prelude is blasphemous
a recreation of every hallucination

— paradise wraps itself around my wrist
resembling a glacier bracelet negating

this spiraling burst of shivering restraint

… i tiptoe behind and lay my head on his sleeping shoulder
whispering to life the dreams gathered at his feet in ashes

whilst inwardly pondering the foolish moment
— profilers pretend not to be engulfed by
perdition’s fire and alternative rage

odd behaviour accompanied by despairing prophecy rings my phone and without knowledge of the sea or an inventory of hooks, voices transform to catfish when i only wanted to know the time. everyone on the line loves fish and chips. i stand to give a speech about oil, arteries and tartar sauce. they ask me to take off my blouse. i pour milk and leave them drowning in a magnificent colic, so subtle as to become a waving cry.

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