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2021-01-23, card

2021-01-23, card

he does this new thing in his communications
— tells me how much he appreciates me
every time

diluting the things he’s wanting to express

i love you. i love you. i love you. i love you. i love you.
— repeating words too many times alters something
not meant to be mended

like “i do”, “i’m sorry” “i forgive you”
— “i” “i” “i” “you” “you” “you”
creates buoyancy to disbelief
causing it to rise to the surface
to meet speech

someone said they loved me a million times
— yet not once went out of their way
to show it

once or twice you said you loved me
— and every day make a startling effort to
show up

as you were
as you are

the instrument of truth doesn’t
— operate solely from our lips
nor does it move alone by our hands

it gestures from the heart
— such that the quadriplegic
iterations some have become
accustomed to trusting

have no choice but to wheel themselves
— into ours
with and without invitation

if you knock on someone’s heart
— and no one is home
become the calling card
not the stone

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