i did a study, sort of like a blind taste test; wanting to better understand a person’s palate for divorce. i focused on those in unhappy marriages yet clearly opposed to leaving them.

parental feedback summary:
“my children need a father”
“my children need a mother”

spouse-only feedback summary:
“i have an image to uphold”
“my parents didn’t divorce, why should we?

i’m omitting a lot but want to end on the last question posed: “how do you define collateral damage?”

i didn’t insert my opinion except through that question; though the meaning isn’t necessarily clear. i still don’t know if i view marriage as something separate from divorce nor can i explain why i think that way. i also don’t see fathers separate from mothers even though i’m aware there’s a natural distinction inherent between the sexes and implied about the many roles we inhabit in various society’s.

it was flawed through and through. the study that is. it began with a false premise or assumption about happiness. it could be said that an unhappy marriage is nothing more than the extension of one, two or more unhappy individuals.

the question of collateral damage can’t be answered with accuracy because the subject and the study are no longer the same. so i lied.

the study itself was born of opinion. marriage and divorce are institutions of hypothesis. the question isn’t one of unhappiness but of self-fulfillment and its perceived possibilities without association to external vehicles.

not intended to make sense. hypocotyl
  separation became a lingering thought and this lent itself to making it disappear.

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