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mirrored restraint

mirrored restraint

had the pleasure of
— being criticized by you

then being contacted
— as if no injury occurred

as if dismissive superiority
— were holding a gun to my head

in reward for my favorable
— reply

maya knew that memory erases words but not the tender touch of emotional wounds. i don’t remember what people say and sometimes don’t even remember the nuances of what they did, but a persons energy doesn’t disappear, not even after they’ve gone, not even after forgiveness – ask any dog that’s been kicked a million times. they get thrown away and sent to shelters awaiting death or someone with an endless supply of patience willing to express 364 days of kindness to prove that the last day won’t result in long anticipated abuse. attempts to humble myself, center, reflect deflections and let people tell me what to do in asinine hierarchical systems too often fails; i’m really bad at it and deep down inside it kills me not to tell some people to jump off a cliff.

truth is i’m standing next to them on the same cliff and sometimes just want a thelma or a luise.

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