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-aholics anonymous

-aholics anonymous

whatever precedes the source of fear
– finds itself followed by shadows

a young fella asked why he should hire me.
what were you told about me? i asked.
he read off a list of poppycock; embellished words that made me look bigger, better and brighter than i was.
all that aside, what makes you think i’m qualified for the position? i asked.
silence. so tired was i of silence.
maybe that came out wrong. based on the referral, how do you think i can contribute?
well, i’d like it if you could do this thing and that thing, he explained.
i flashed an unbearably fake smile for a zoom with recording light on.
i can do those things and more, i answered still smiling.
hmmm. okay. when would you like to start? he asked.
i already have, i replied with a laugh.

that’s the thing about anything. no matter what you believe you can’t know for sure until you drink the kool-aid whether you’ll live or die. why should knowledge be confiscated by another’s cup? if i pour work, the exchange in drink should be worth living for, otherwise i’m gettin drunk – and dying on red no. 2 while dreaming about cherries.

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