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May you receive the nurturing you need.

After four minutes of sharing my thoughts about the day which had nothing to do with me, that was his reply. I shouldn’t have been surprised but I was; that I’d been so open, vulnerable and oblivious to what was clear to someone else. Then again, he happened to be a practicing psychiatrist, one in the field for over forty years.

I felt a deep calm listening to him talk about himself and couldn’t tell if it was the softness of his voice, his cadence or both, but he’d mentioned spending time in meditation hoping to discern how he wanted to live the next phase of his life; and that all he knew was that if in the next five years he was doing more of what he’d done in the last five, he’d be disappointed in himself.

The spikes of wisdom and innocence we share with one another never fails to amaze me. I didn’t offer a reply after he shared his thoughts; he’d painted a picture just like me so to share the same words…

…seemed silly.

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