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when daydreams start to feel like nightmares
— you pick yourself up outta bed to deal with

start seeing the cobwebs in the room
— your mind
and folks your heart wrapped too tightly

got to thinking about a boy that lived
— with his mama

and the morning she found him in his
— room

blue and cold with the needle still
— stuck in his arm

she’d gone to a place where dreaming
— no longer made sense

and where reality made less

before getting out of bed
— i wondered what it’d be like

to inject myself with a forever
— dream potion

something that would leave those
— who found me with peace and joy

well it humbled me
— that thought

cause alive or dead
— we can’t be another’s peace or joy

so i keep dreaming
— i’m more important than i am

cause otherwise
— nothing at all makes any sense

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